Tangerine by Glass Animals


«As cold as an old ice cream sandwich
As focused as Mr. Miyagi
You poke at your phone postin’ aerial photos
Of you and your smoothie
I can’t keep on makin’ you happy
‘Cause you got issues with your daddy
I miss ramen noodles and laughing at you
And your gran in home movies»

Tangerine by Glass Animals


Tenho estado apaixonada por Glass Animals ultimamente. A banda que tem andado nas bocas no mundo por causa da famosa “Heat Waves”, tenho a certeza que conhecem. Adoro a música, confesso! Mas há muitas outras que também não me saem da cabeça. “Youth”, “Dreamland”,  “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” e “Tangerine”, por exemplo. Maravilhosas ♥.

O tipo de música que ouço varia muito conforme o meu mood. Vou de jazz a hip-hop num instante! No entanto, indie rock é o meu conforto. É onde retorno sempre, como se fosse casa. Que estilo vos faz sentir assim?

Tangerine by Glass Animals

I have been in love with Glass Animals lately. The band that has been all over with the famous “Heat Waves”, I am sure yuo know it. I love the song, I confess! But there are so many other which also do not leave my head. “Youth”, “Dreamland”,  “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” and “Tangerine”, for exemple. Wonderful ♥.

The type of music to which I listen to changes a lot according to my mood. I go from jazz to hip-hop in a second! However, indie rock is my comfort. It is where I always come back to, like it is home. Which style makes you feel like this?


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